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Growing up in Brooklyn, I learned at an early age to appreciate the little things in life. My mother always taught me to respect the people around me. Even more so take in every interaction and make something of it. 
I've been given the opportunity to live my life doing just that. When I'm behind the camera, the lens opens up an incredible world of tender moments. It's all genuine interactions and LIFE. My job is not to take a picture, its to tell a story. One of the first moments I realized I was documenting memories versus taking photographs was at at my son Tyler's lacrosse game. It was nearing the end of the game. He ran down the field, getting closer and closer to his first goal. All I kept thinking was, I'm so grateful I am witnessing this. He made the goal - I didn't think I could be prouder. Until I was editing the photograph later that evening. Or when I look at the picture a year later and am still overwhelmed with pride.
It's simple - when I click the button, I find that single moment in time that captures the true essence of my subject. The moments aren't perfect, they are REAL.  
When I share the moments with my family, friends and clients, it elicits a RAW emotion. I don't take a picture to hang on a wall. I capture an intimate moment for a grandmother. To relish every time she walks by her granddaughters smile.
As an artist depicting lifestyle photos, I use the world as my canvas. Focusing on natural lighting, vibrant spaces, bold textures and authentic reactions. I deliver PERSONAL, photographic ART.  
I'm grateful to the clients who allow me to showcase these moments throughout my site. Also humbled by the new clients that give me the chance to step into their lives. Thank You. 

Tyler and Sawyer Barreto


I've always been a picture person. I still have my first real pictures from my Jr High days. Where I was hanging with my girls listening to NKOTB in my waterbed drawing on my bedroom wall #truestory. It felt natural. The need to want to capture the moments. Even more natural was to spend time going through our albums and reliving those moments. Eventually my friend pictures became photographs of my travels. All through the various countries experiencing new traditions and cultures. Then I met Rich. A culinary architect, he could build an incredible dish with just the scraps in the fridge. I never understood how he could build these eloquent, tasteful, melt in your mouth dishes. Until I learned its about his passion. Sure, he's got 20 years of culinary experience. However his passion is what drives these sensational dishes. Not too long into our relationship he noticed my love for photography. This then ignites his passion for the art. The same like food he creates art fueled solely by passion - the birth of Richard Barreto Photography. 
Fast forward a few years and we have our beautiful daughter, Sawyer. Still driven with the need to capture every waking moment of her life, I LOVE memories. And I am so grateful we have photographs to remember these memories. What I love most today is that I've now passed down the love of capturing memories to our daughter. We look through my 6,447 pictures/videos on my phone every single day. To recall all the amazing moments we've shared in her 4 years of life. Every single day. Life is too short, spend your days with the ones you love DOING what you love. We love, appreciate and respect photography. Also what value it holds for our clients, families and loved ones.  
My Foreword: 
I want to graciously thank my great grandmother Lucille and grandmother Mimi for always documenting our lives. I'm forever grateful for those candid memories to reflect back on and share with my daughter. 

Nicole and Sawyer Barreto