wedding-photographer-2Hello, I’m a wedding photographer and I have decided to start blogging. Welcome to my inaugural post.

As I look at my business, I noticed I solely focused on my photography to tell the story of the weddings I experience. Fact is; these stories are so much more. So why blog? I want my couples to know more about me, why I do what I do and what it means for them. My whole life I’ve always been in service of others – my family (first and foremost), my culinary career as an Executive Chef to my guests and my photography career to my wedding clients.

Why does it matter to a (potential) bride?

It’s important to me that my couples trust me, know me. Regardless of wedding size or budget, the money a client pays me is their hard earned money. I don’t take that lightly; my integrity is what drives my business. From day one of a bride submitting a request for information to the day I deliver the final wedding pictures and albums to the couple, they are treated as my only client, quite candidly – like family. To know them like family is to know their story, and unveil the chapters.

What is their story?

Understanding my couple’s passion for each other, why are they getting married, and their history together helps me shape how I capture their love for each other (is it intimate, playful, soulful)… What makes the bride smile, blush, ponder, get excited – to help guide me through the lens on capturing these emotions. How does the groom trigger these emotions? Wedding photography is so much more then taking pictures, it’s truly about collecting these moments throughout the day that allow the bride, groom, and family to relive their memories. That’s why I do what I do – delivering those emotions and memories each time someone looks at a photograph is my why.

What role does the Wedding Photographer play in planning?

The process of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. I work closely with the couple to ensure the timeline; checklist and portrait list covers everything they need to be worry free on their big day. Let’s be honest, things don’t always go as planned but its my responsibility as the wedding photographer to provide options, work arounds and keep the moments flowing. Beyond the essentials, it’s also critical for me to understand their vision for the day. What’s important (and what’s not), what are they worried about; excited about and how I help guide the day is an important conversation I have early on. This conversation sets the tone for our relationship and shares the accountability of ensuring their day goes as planned.

I look forward to sharing wedding tips, industry trends, client stories and more in the future. Reach out and let me know if there are any topics you’d like to hear more about – CLICK HERE